Misspellings and Wrong words



I made a post this morning about marketing and in the very first sentence I wrote, “I’m new to this marking thing.” What I meant to type was marketing, and this isn’t the first time I’ve made such embarrassing mistakes.

I used to decorate t-shirts for my sons as they were growing up. Some came out really cool, cool enough that they still wear them as adults. One was a joke, with the front reading, “Are you waiting for something funny.” The back was supposed to read, “Keep waiting.” What it ended up saying was, “Keep waitinging.” I didn’t catch the mistake. My middle son, who received the gift did and loved that it embarrassed me. We’d go out to dinner, he’d wear it. We’d go to relatives or friends’ houses, he’d wear it.

I read over everything I type a few times before hitting the publish button and yet, I still miss some errors, like, “I’m new to this marking thing.”

Maybe the universe is trying to teach me to stop being embarrassed by these little mistakes and find only the humor in them. Then maybe I could write comedy. That would rock, but until then, I’m still waitinging for my blush to go away.



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