Weekend and Avoiding Death

funny-cartoon-old-man-death-deafAh, it’s finally here. I don’t work on the weekend, because my husband would kill me. Still, I believe in days off, but if I shut down my brain too much Monday turns out to be a difficult day of getting back into the grove.

So, I have some tricks-

Any time we drive anywhere, I plot the details of what’s next for my novel.

My current story or sometimes stories are always percolating in the back of my mind and if a juicy bit popped into the forefront of my mind I carry a little notebook that I write it in.

I talk about the story with my husband, with the bartender, with anyone who will listen – but I don’t tell anyone but my husband that’s what I’m doing. The bartender gets questions. “What would you do if you found out there’s a secret society who’s been breeding psychics since the sixteenth century?” What would you do? Would you want to marry one of the breed psychics? What do you find unbelievable about that? Would you want to know more about this secret society?

Well, now for a drink and the weekend! Happy Weekend everyone!

P.S. If you’re planning a quiet weekend reading, please allow me to shamelessly plug JOLENE, YOU’RE NOT A MONSTER – it’s getting some great reviews and could use a few more.






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