51p1biZmoCL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This is a sneak preview of the review that will be live on Amazon in the next day or two.

Never Let Me Leave, the second book in Jennifer Brozek’s Melissa Allen trilogy was stunning! I enjoyed it as much as the first and I can’t wait for the third. Melissa, in the first book, survived an alien takeover of South Dakoda because of her unusual brain chemistry. Now, she’s in a lab for some tests, but there’s a different kind of alien being held there.

Melissa meets Adam, Ian, Sean and Carrie. Adam was created and raised in a lab. He is genetically perfect. Carrie is an orphan hacker. Ian survived a different kind of alien attack and captured the one being held at this lab. Sean survived yet another different kind of alien attack that slaughtered his family at sea. At this point, I’m intrigued to find out what’s going on with these aliens and alarmed at their diversity. By the end of the book, I was delighted with the plot and the aliens’ diabolical cleverness.

The action ramped up fast and was filled with nail biting excitement. By the end, I didn’t stop but bought the third book, because I had to find out what would happen next to Melissa. She’s a character that will forever stay with me and I have to thank Ms. Brozek for introducing us.

Adam will also stay with me, but for a very strange and coincidental reason. My debut novel, Jolene, You’re Not a Monster is centered on a creature/young woman (depending on your point of view) created in a lab like Adam. When I first read that Adam had a similar origin I was excited. It was fascinating to read another author’s take on such a parallel premise. Adam is very different from Jolene, he’s not a monster, but he has some of the same problems as Jolene. Although, I think he’s better adjusted to his life than Jolene is. Plus, Jolene is not a YA but a New Adult novel with adult situations. Still, I greatly enjoyed getting to know Adam and I care for him. He’s opened me to some new ideas. I’ve got a running scene in my head of Jolene and Adam meeting. What a conversation that would make!

Overall, I highly recommend this series to young and adult readers. Jennifer Brozek is going on my list of favorite authors.


Writers! #Pit2Pub 5 Tricks I Learned Today

I didn’t know about the #Pit2Pub when I woke up today. Late this morning I took a break from work. I saw it trending and looked up the rules on  Kristin D. VanRisseghem’s blog. But just following the rules isn’t enough to get noticed. Here are the tricks I used to get four publishers to ❤ my pitch. So, it wasn’t until after lunch that I was ready to make my first pitch.

  1. Use a picture. It’s eye catching.
  2. Like every publisher’s tweet that’s involved.
  3. Retweet other pitches that I liked.
  4. Thanked those that retweeted my pitch.
  5. Followed those that retweeted my pitch.

Now I’ll research those 4 publishers and see if I want to work with them.

Oh and for the future here are what’s coming up that’s similar to the event that happened on Twitter today.

February 11, 2016
Picture Book Twitter Party — (#PBPitch)
co-hosted by Mandy YatesPJ McIlvane, & Debra Shumaker

February 11, 2016
#PitMatch + Manuscript Wish List — (#PitMatch)
hosted by Brenda Drake

February 17, 2016
​Adult Pitch Workshop — (#AdPit)
hosted by Heidi Norrod

February 26, 2016 (Agent round is March 9-11, 2016)
Pitch Madness Contest — (#Pitchmadness)
hosted by Brenda Drake

March 5, 2016
Pitch to Publication — (#p2p16)

hosted by Samantha Fountain

March 9-11, 2016 (Agent Round)
Pitch Madness Contest — (#Pitchmadness)
hosted by Brenda Drake

​March 17, 2016
PitMAD Twitter Pitch Party — (#PitMad)
hosted by Brenda Drake​

Wendy J. Fox: Reconciling book sales as a debut author

Read Her Like an Open Book

Wendy_J_Fox  The_Seven_Stages_of_Anger_cover

When I found out my first book had been accepted for publication, I did not have dreams of a bestseller or fame; I mostly experienced relief. While I’d published in magazines and anthologies, suddenly there was a book of my own.

There was the sheer, beginning thrill of finally feeling like an author, and then there was the reality of how other folks, people who are not writers, ask about it.

“So, how many books have you sold?” a typical conversation might start.

It’s a hard question to answer. It’s tempting to tell the truth (south of a thousand), and it’s tempting to dodge, oh, it’s not so much about sales, and it’s also tempting to outright lie and say something about how the publisher handles all that, how you’re not really involved, how you only think about it when you get a royalty check.


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Holy Crap! A New Review!

jolene 4 smallA new review of Jolene, You’re Not a Monster showed up today and it made my day!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I am so happy I read this book. The subject matter is not what I would normally read, but I did this time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend this book even if you think science fiction is not your thing. The story is science fiction and much more. The main character, Jolene was created by scientists in a lab.When she is outside the confines of the lab, she attempts to perform the mission for which she was created. Outside the lab Jolene has thoughts, feelings, and observations. The author writes tastefully and speaks truth describing Jolene’s first sexual experience, love, trust, conflict, and problem solving requirements. I am excited this author integrated science fiction and humanity into a great story.”

Since Jolene came out about a month ago, I admit I’ve been flagging and a little depressed. I don’t have a marketing team and getting readers’ attention is harder than I expected. I blogged years ago on Blogit. It’s a closed, pay blogging site that pays out to the bloggers based on clicks. In order to make money writers turned into tabloid writers. After a couple of years of it and making very little money to show for my effort, I quit and was burned out on blogging.

It wasn’t until Jolene came out that I started up another blog. I should have been doing this all along, so Jolene would have had a bigger audience. Or I should have gone the John Scalzi route and put Jolene on my blog for free.

Should have, would have, could have. The above review reminds me that Jolene is a great character in a great book. I must have patience and keep writing. I have to trust myself, my writing and Jolene.

Thanks Dianne_Avid Reader for giving me a boost!