Holy Crap! A New Review!

jolene 4 smallA new review of Jolene, You’re Not a Monster showed up today and it made my day!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I am so happy I read this book. The subject matter is not what I would normally read, but I did this time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend this book even if you think science fiction is not your thing. The story is science fiction and much more. The main character, Jolene was created by scientists in a lab.When she is outside the confines of the lab, she attempts to perform the mission for which she was created. Outside the lab Jolene has thoughts, feelings, and observations. The author writes tastefully and speaks truth describing Jolene’s first sexual experience, love, trust, conflict, and problem solving requirements. I am excited this author integrated science fiction and humanity into a great story.”

Since Jolene came out about a month ago, I admit I’ve been flagging and a little depressed. I don’t have a marketing team and getting readers’ attention is harder than I expected. I blogged years ago on Blogit. It’s a closed, pay blogging site that pays out to the bloggers based on clicks. In order to make money writers turned into tabloid writers. After a couple of years of it and making very little money to show for my effort, I quit and was burned out on blogging.

It wasn’t until Jolene came out that I started up another blog. I should have been doing this all along, so Jolene would have had a bigger audience. Or I should have gone the John Scalzi route and put Jolene on my blog for free.

Should have, would have, could have. The above review reminds me that Jolene is a great character in a great book. I must have patience and keep writing. I have to trust myself, my writing and Jolene.

Thanks Dianne_Avid Reader for giving me a boost!

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