How to Kill Pop-Up Ads

marshmellowingPop-up-adsWe click on a story in our feed to see a kitten marsh-mellowing and POP there’s an ad in the way. While trying to click the ad’s X, another ad opens or moves in the way of the cuteness!

After spending three minutes trying to get to the story that made us click, we close the damn story and find something else to read or look at.

Now, there is a way we can end this. It won’t take a law or a Presidential decree.

Don’t ever buy from a pop-up ad! I don’t care how great the product sounds, don’t. You’re only encouraging them to keep getting in the way of the adorable thing that would have made us smile! (

Let’s take this one step further. If it’s an ad for Farmer’s Insurance or Ipods or whatever, don’t buy those products anywhere. When their sales drop, they’ll try something different than pop-up ads.(This will work on spam, too!)

I don’t mind ads on the side of the story, or in the middle of my feed, or at the end, but damn it, let me see the cute kitten pictures!


Pass it on so we can end cute blockers!

(So tempting to put a pop-up ad in here somewhere just to be a smart-ass.)




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