Brightening Our Darkened World

rainbow hug

I should be working on my novel, but I’m having trouble getting reality out of my head and heart. Reality: a gunman shoots up a nightclub killing 49, injuring 53 just because they’re gay and he wants to be or is a part of ISIL. Everyone’s talking about it or about gun control or about love instead of hate. Me, I’m just sad and scared of what’s happening in our world. I’ve got my opinions on the issues, but right now I have to find something to brighten our darkened world. I haven’t written poetry in a long time and I’m rusty, but here goes.

So, Brightening by Kacy Jey

I’d Love, to see a rainbow, arching around the world

To Hug Everyone, healing our spirits and reminding us that

Right Now, isn’t forever except it’ll never leave us

So, I’d Love To Hug Everyone Right Now




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