Goodbye, Germaine’s w/ Pictures

71212 from phone 009

For six years I was blessed to call Germaine’s my home away from home and now it  has closed its doors. Working at Germaine’s after being a stay-at-home mom for years was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I was also new to Michigan, having moved from California a month before Brenda hired me. I learned all over again how to talk to adults and for the first time in my life I became a part of a community.

I went from rusty to too fast (A squirrel caught in a cage was how Brenda described me when I really got rushed.) I met my best friend there and forged so many more lifelong friendships that enrich my life to this day.  My youngest son Zack had his first job there. That job, washing dishes, taught him to study hard and go to college. Sure, working there had its rough days, but there was a lot more good than bad.

Germaine’s was more than a place to eat and have a drink. It was a comfortable, welcoming gathering spot to meet old friends and make new ones. I mean really, if you didn’t love a place you wouldn’t go there on your days off. Let’s all raise a glass tonight to the wonderful years we got to have our Germaine’s. May we always remember the good times!

IMAG0036 (640x361)smaller       20141031_1655302012-09-14_19-27-22_467  2012-07-14_22-48-30_424  20140202_170509      71212 from phone 021  20141031_165934      20140528_181101  2014-12-01 14.32.38       20140707_103156 312216_10150302445028334_6093483_n

joe and jamie  kassi and jossi  kids  0lindy and adam  mar and dan  553718_10151025334858334_1830797407_n


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