How to do a Book Signing


How does one do a book signing? I’ve been to other author’s book signing. I’ve participated in a mass signing where we each had our little table with our books and people walked around looking for something interesting. I met and got a book signed by one of my former favorite authors. He wasn’t friendly. He radiated that he didn’t want to be there at the L.A. Bookfair. Unlike, Harry Turtledove who was so awesome to my son who was a fan, that I started reading his books.

Tomorrow, I will be the lone author. The best author book signing I went to was so awesome I went again years later to see the same author. @JAJance. She read poetry, she told funny stories, and she sang! At the second one, we were privileged to dine and chat with her! I got lucky and was seated at her table. I can only hope to be as entertaining as she is. Her books are awesome, too.

So, I will not sing, because I’m not that good. I will not read poetry, because my poetry is always depressing. I could tell funny stories, but I might embarrass my spouse.

What will I do? I will connect with people like Harry Turtledove and @JAJance. I’m going to meet people who like to read what I like to write. I hope to make new friends. @JAJance and I have emailed each other on and off over the years. She has become one of the authors I will always look up to. If she came to my area or I was in hers, I’d go to another signing of hers or offer to buy her lunch. If she took me up on the offer, I wouldn’t be surprised, because she is that awesome of a person and an author.

That’s just it, she’s a person. I’m a person. I write books. When I got serious about my writing I never put much thought into doing author signings. It wasn’t my focus, but I’ve been nervous about doing them. No more. Tomorrow, I will just be me. I’ll talk about why I love my books and why I’m so proud of them. I’ll ask people questions, like: What makes a book great for you? Who are your favorite authors? Do prefer digital or paper? Stuff like that.

I am looking for more book friends, because other than loving to write books I love to read them and discuss them.

Happy Friday and HUZZAH to books!


Labor Day Surprise!

joe-and-jamieEarly Thursday last week, our friend Jamie from Michigan, sent me a text asking me for my address, because she wanted to send me something. I was like, “Oh, cool, I’ve been wanting Jamie’s address for Christmas.” A year and a half ago, my mate and I moved to Southern Texas, and lately, we’ve felt a bit homesick for our small Michigan community and all our friends there, especially those we hung out with a lot, like Joe and Jamie and Dan and Mar. (We’re always missing our adult sons who chose to stay in Michigan when work dictated our move.)mar-and-dan

Jump to Thursday evening, Jamie texted me a picture of our 2015 Mustang with the caption, “I like your car.”

Huh, I didn’t remember taking that picture. I would never take a picture of our awesome car just sitting in our driveway. I pose our car for his pictures. my-car

Jamie sent me another picture of the interior of our car.

My mate said, “They’re out there.”

My brain translated, “Someone’s messing with our car.”


“Get your gun!” I said as I headed down the stairs to the door. (We are in Texas and one must have a gun, right?)

“No, they’re here! At our door!” he shouted back as he followed me down.

Opened the door, and holy shit, there’s two faces I haven’t seen in too many months!

Screams and hugs and “Oh, shit, the apartment is messy!” My cleaning and laundry days are Mondays and Friday! It’s Thursday. Yikes! Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Two friends chose to surprise visit us. That’s the best gift in the world! If I did the same to them, I wouldn’t give a shit what their house looked liked, unless they’re poop hoarders.  (Joe had to show us a video from the show Hoarders of a person’s house who hoarded their poop! Ah, there’s not another friend like Joe.)

We hung out the rest of Thursday joe-challengeevening. Had a drink and a game of pool at the Templin Saloon.





Friday morning we headed to a giant Buc-cee’s, because it’s a tourist destination-mega convenience store and gas station. I kid you not! levinson-bucees-lightbox-02

My mate, who’s driving, forgot his wallet, so we headed back eleven miles to the apartment. We get to talking and head out again. Spouse stops for gas. He forgot to grab his wallet again! Back home, he runs in and we’re off to San Antonio!



It rained on us a little as we toured the Alamo and the Riverwalk! It was a great day so far. Now it was time to head to Chunky’s for this challenge!

DO NOT DO THIS CHALLENGE!!!! You’ve been warned! Joe claims he’s retiring from food challenges like Adam from Man V Food did after THAT hell burger! But, he took the challenge and survived! I would have died.

Saturday, after breakfast, we took them to our favorite coffee shop owned by our friends, Quincy and Kraig. Their son, Krieg, was in epic entertaining form! It was awesome to bring our friends together to meet. If I win the lottery, I’m starting the Weirdo Commun, where we can all live and be odd together. After that, we toured Gonzales – Our museums and bars. It was hot as in I’m boiling and I’m going to die, hot!

Sunday was a lazy day. We showed off the Mustang’s acceleration power and watched Deadpool! That was a blast. After Deadpool, we started watching True Detective, season 1. That’s an intense show. The evening waned and they had to go. Monday morning they had to drive a couple of hours to the airport where his company plane hopefully waited for them. (If there’s not enough travelers, the plane doesn’t leave. Company rules, I guess. (Still, free plane fare. Now that’s an awesome company!)

We were so sad to see them go. Monday felt empty without them. Today, Tuesday, as I struggled to get back into work mode, I couldn’t stop thinking how wonderful it was to be with our friends again. Thank you, Joe and Jamie, for a weekend we’ll never forget. (Okay, I may mix up what happened on which day, but that’s why I’m writing this blog before it gets fuzzier!) This weekend was like our own personal episode of “Friends” or “Seinfeld.” It needed recording!