How to do a Book Signing


How does one do a book signing? I’ve been to other author’s book signing. I’ve participated in a mass signing where we each had our little table with our books and people walked around looking for something interesting. I met and got a book signed by one of my former favorite authors. He wasn’t friendly. He radiated that he didn’t want to be there at the L.A. Bookfair. Unlike, Harry Turtledove who was so awesome to my son who was a fan, that I started reading his books.

Tomorrow, I will be the lone author. The best author book signing I went to was so awesome I went again years later to see the same author. @JAJance. She read poetry, she told funny stories, and she sang! At the second one, we were privileged to dine and chat with her! I got lucky and was seated at her table. I can only hope to be as entertaining as she is. Her books are awesome, too.

So, I will not sing, because I’m not that good. I will not read poetry, because my poetry is always depressing. I could tell funny stories, but I might embarrass my spouse.

What will I do? I will connect with people like Harry Turtledove and @JAJance. I’m going to meet people who like to read what I like to write. I hope to make new friends. @JAJance and I have emailed each other on and off over the years. She has become one of the authors I will always look up to. If she came to my area or I was in hers, I’d go to another signing of hers or offer to buy her lunch. If she took me up on the offer, I wouldn’t be surprised, because she is that awesome of a person and an author.

That’s just it, she’s a person. I’m a person. I write books. When I got serious about my writing I never put much thought into doing author signings. It wasn’t my focus, but I’ve been nervous about doing them. No more. Tomorrow, I will just be me. I’ll talk about why I love my books and why I’m so proud of them. I’ll ask people questions, like: What makes a book great for you? Who are your favorite authors? Do prefer digital or paper? Stuff like that.

I am looking for more book friends, because other than loving to write books I love to read them and discuss them.

Happy Friday and HUZZAH to books!


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