How to do a Book Signing


How does one do a book signing? I’ve been to other author’s book signing. I’ve participated in a mass signing where we each had our little table with our books and people walked around looking for something interesting. I met and got a book signed by one of my former favorite authors. He wasn’t friendly. He radiated that he didn’t want to be there at the L.A. Bookfair. Unlike, Harry Turtledove who was so awesome to my son who was a fan, that I started reading his books.

Tomorrow, I will be the lone author. The best author book signing I went to was so awesome I went again years later to see the same author. @JAJance. She read poetry, she told funny stories, and she sang! At the second one, we were privileged to dine and chat with her! I got lucky and was seated at her table. I can only hope to be as entertaining as she is. Her books are awesome, too.

So, I will not sing, because I’m not that good. I will not read poetry, because my poetry is always depressing. I could tell funny stories, but I might embarrass my spouse.

What will I do? I will connect with people like Harry Turtledove and @JAJance. I’m going to meet people who like to read what I like to write. I hope to make new friends. @JAJance and I have emailed each other on and off over the years. She has become one of the authors I will always look up to. If she came to my area or I was in hers, I’d go to another signing of hers or offer to buy her lunch. If she took me up on the offer, I wouldn’t be surprised, because she is that awesome of a person and an author.

That’s just it, she’s a person. I’m a person. I write books. When I got serious about my writing I never put much thought into doing author signings. It wasn’t my focus, but I’ve been nervous about doing them. No more. Tomorrow, I will just be me. I’ll talk about why I love my books and why I’m so proud of them. I’ll ask people questions, like: What makes a book great for you? Who are your favorite authors? Do prefer digital or paper? Stuff like that.

I am looking for more book friends, because other than loving to write books I love to read them and discuss them.

Happy Friday and HUZZAH to books!


Pronoun Publishing VS Createspace/Kindle

pronoun vs kindle

Pronoun was announced to National Novel Writing Month winners last November. It is a free distribution hub to Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple and Google Play. It’s easy to set up your book with them, much easier than Createspace/Kindle, but Pronoun is only for eformat. If you want to see your book in hard copy you still have to go through a place like Createspace, but you can’t submit to Kindle again.

So, I published my book Jolene, You’re Not a Monster through Pronoun on Dec. 18, 2015 and I’ve almost completed the proofing process for Createspace with the same title. The Createspace template is glitchy, but with patience and perseverance I got through it. Pronoun was so much easier. It’s got a web based app that will convert your word file to mobi and epub. It was not a hassle like Createspace’s template, but there’s things that Createspace/Kindle has that I can’t get from Pronoun and I’m afraid I missed out on something very important.

Kindle Direct Publishing Select. When you agree to publish with KDP Select, you can’t publish your novel in eformat anywhere else. Your book will then be available through the lending library and Kindle Unlimited, and you’ll receive a royalties based on readership from the global With KDP Select you can sign up for countdown deals and free book promotions. Pronoun does nothing to help you promote your book and ninety percent of my sales have come through Amazon Kindle.

I wish Createspace/Kindle would team up with a better programming team, like the ones used by Pronoun. Still, my next book, The Worms Crawl In, I’m doing through Createspace/Kindle, so I can get their promotions. If this works out and it generates more sales plus reviews on Jolene, I’ll do a follow up blog.

As of right now though, I’d recommend Createspace/Kindle first until Pronoun comes up with a way to help authors to promote their novels that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

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Created in a lab, Jolene’s never been on a date, ridden a bike or even had a friend her own age. Now, at twenty-one when a mission goes horribly wrong, she’s running from armies out to recapture or kill her. Plus, she’s gotten a soldier, who she cares for maybe too much, mixed up in her mess.

What readers are saying:

“I am excited this author integrated science fiction and humanity into a great story.”

“Basically, it’s a “how do you define ‘monster’ and ‘human’” theme. But how it’s done…wow! It’s the story of a girl created by the government and used for intelligence gathering. As you might expect, she was never really taught to be human, or ‘normal’…The story reminded me frequently of Stephen King’s Firestarter, with its innocent protagonist having to grow up hard and fast and wanting only to be left in peace and to love and be loved.”

“Part science adventure, part horror, part romance, all riveting — this creepy but masterful novel is full of wicked twists and turns, right up to the intense grand finale when Jey pulls out all the stops. Highly recommended!”

FREE BOOK! Click for a chance to win your very own copy! 

jolene 3b2c small




Here’s the story the pirating of my book Jolene, You’re Not a Monster and a GIVEAWAY!jolene 3b2c small

Earlier today, I read on Goodreads that a few of the authors found their books posted on a google site for free without their consent or knowledge! Alarmed, I searched google for my book, Jolene, You’re Not a Monster and for my name, Kacy Jey. On the second page of the name search, I found it.[58S.PDF] Free Download Jolene,
You’re Not a MonsterBy …

Google … for free [58S.PDF] Jolene, You’re Not a Monster By Kacy A. Jey book full – Ebook, PDF, for kindle, android, ipad, nook, netbook notebook, and PC. this real free.

I contacted google. The reply I got included this, “Please note that Google Sites is an online application used to create and share webpages. Google Sites URLs typically have the following format: If the allegedly infringing content at the URLs in question are not associated with Google Sites or another Google product, you will not receive any further emails about your notice.”

But fusiontables is a google beta browser app, so I expect I should hear back from google. (Yes, I know I’m not capitalizing google and it’s on purpose because I’m irked at them a little. The process to report copyright infringement was intimidating.)
This is where I took a lunch break and this was the email I came back to:
Thanks for reaching out to us.
In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have completed processing your infringement notice. We are in the process of disabling access to the content in question at the following URL(s):
I hope the Google Team gets on the corrupted use of this fusiontable app. To my author friends, be ever watchful for pirates! When you find them, shoot them down. To the pirates, shame on you for stealing what you can buy for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee.


If anyone is going to give my books away it’s going to be ME! So, here’s a GIVEAWAY!

Writers! #Pit2Pub 5 Tricks I Learned Today

I didn’t know about the #Pit2Pub when I woke up today. Late this morning I took a break from work. I saw it trending and looked up the rules on  Kristin D. VanRisseghem’s blog. But just following the rules isn’t enough to get noticed. Here are the tricks I used to get four publishers to ❤ my pitch. So, it wasn’t until after lunch that I was ready to make my first pitch.

  1. Use a picture. It’s eye catching.
  2. Like every publisher’s tweet that’s involved.
  3. Retweet other pitches that I liked.
  4. Thanked those that retweeted my pitch.
  5. Followed those that retweeted my pitch.

Now I’ll research those 4 publishers and see if I want to work with them.

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Holy Crap! A New Review!

jolene 4 smallA new review of Jolene, You’re Not a Monster showed up today and it made my day!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I am so happy I read this book. The subject matter is not what I would normally read, but I did this time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend this book even if you think science fiction is not your thing. The story is science fiction and much more. The main character, Jolene was created by scientists in a lab.When she is outside the confines of the lab, she attempts to perform the mission for which she was created. Outside the lab Jolene has thoughts, feelings, and observations. The author writes tastefully and speaks truth describing Jolene’s first sexual experience, love, trust, conflict, and problem solving requirements. I am excited this author integrated science fiction and humanity into a great story.”

Since Jolene came out about a month ago, I admit I’ve been flagging and a little depressed. I don’t have a marketing team and getting readers’ attention is harder than I expected. I blogged years ago on Blogit. It’s a closed, pay blogging site that pays out to the bloggers based on clicks. In order to make money writers turned into tabloid writers. After a couple of years of it and making very little money to show for my effort, I quit and was burned out on blogging.

It wasn’t until Jolene came out that I started up another blog. I should have been doing this all along, so Jolene would have had a bigger audience. Or I should have gone the John Scalzi route and put Jolene on my blog for free.

Should have, would have, could have. The above review reminds me that Jolene is a great character in a great book. I must have patience and keep writing. I have to trust myself, my writing and Jolene.

Thanks Dianne_Avid Reader for giving me a boost!