How to Kill Pop-Up Ads

marshmellowingPop-up-adsWe click on a story in our feed to see a kitten marsh-mellowing and POP there’s an ad in the way. While trying to click the ad’s X, another ad opens or moves in the way of the cuteness!

After spending three minutes trying to get to the story that made us click, we close the damn story and find something else to read or look at.

Now, there is a way we can end this. It won’t take a law or a Presidential decree.

Don’t ever buy from a pop-up ad! I don’t care how great the product sounds, don’t. You’re only encouraging them to keep getting in the way of the adorable thing that would have made us smile! (

Let’s take this one step further. If it’s an ad for Farmer’s Insurance or Ipods or whatever, don’t buy those products anywhere. When their sales drop, they’ll try something different than pop-up ads.(This will work on spam, too!)

I don’t mind ads on the side of the story, or in the middle of my feed, or at the end, but damn it, let me see the cute kitten pictures!


Pass it on so we can end cute blockers!

(So tempting to put a pop-up ad in here somewhere just to be a smart-ass.)




Supernatural- Best Show Ever?



Supernatural is one week from the 11th season finale and has been renewed for two more years! But there’s a new online poll for the best show ever and Supernatural isn’t winning, yet. Supernatural is up against the shows, The Walking Dead, Gray’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time (which is currently winning), The Vampire Diaries, An American Horror Story, Dr. Who, Teen Wolf, Chicago Fire, Sons of Anarchy,  and Pretty Little Liars.

First, I’ve got a problem with the choices. There’s been a lot of great shows in my lifetime and before. Okay, obviously, sitcoms weren’t included, but Friends was a great show that can be rewatched over and over. Still, it doesn’t matter what shows Supernatural is against, because I venture that if you watched the first five seasons, you probably made it through the iffy story lines to where the show became great again. Why? Sam and Dean!

What’s so special about Sam and Dean? In episode 91 of season five, The Real Ghostbusters, (the one where they go to the first ever Supernatural Convention) Sam and Dean get a look at how we fan see them.

You’re wrong you know.

DEAN (Turning back) Sorry?

About Supernatural. No offense but I’m not sure you get what the stories about.

(Smirking) Is that so.

All right. In real life, he sells stereo equipment. I fix copiers. Our lives suck. But to be Sam and Dean, to wake up every morning and save the world. To have a brother who would die for you. Well who wouldn’t want that?

Well? Who wouldn’t want that? As a rabid fan, I follow Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Facebook and they’re best friends in real life. They hang out, their kids hang out, they pick on and play tricks on each other in real life! That great real life relationship carries over into the show. 

Now, let’s take my number two pick in that poll, Sons of Anarchy. I wasn’t a rabid fan, but I always got the feeling they got along. I’ve read a few articles that back this up. Here’s one clip:

Sutter on Charlie Hunnam
One of the most rewarding facets of the show, Sutter goes on to say, was the relationships he developed with his cast and crew. He and wife Katey Sagal… talks about how nice to was to be able to chat to him and describes one evening where he and Sagal were missing their daughter (Esme Louise Sutter) and Charlie Hunnam dropped by:

“…for Katey it was like seeing one of her kids. We hung out for an hour or so and it was this lovely infusion of family I just really felt how lucky I was and how rare that is to have built those relationships along the way. I love Charlie, man. We can’t wait until we have an opportunity to work together again.”

The Walking Dead would be my third choice on that list, but I couldn’t find much on cast relationships. Plus, it has got to be hard to form strong relationships when no one knows how long their going to be around. Still, I believe that Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Chandler Riggs (Rick’s son Carl). Here’s one article I found to back that up.

BUT! There are missing shows on that poll! Buffy! (Most of the cast, except Sarah Michelle Geller got along great and we see what that’s done to Geller’s career as in what career?) Star Trek Next Gen–They’re all still friends to this day! (Actually, STNG ties with Supernatural for me.)

There are tons of shows I could list, but I think it’s evident that to make a great show that lasts the cast has to like each other. Or you get what happened on Castle, Stana Katic killed the show.  Same thing happened to Remington Steal, Moonlighting and I’m sure a lot of other great shows of their time.

I’m not a show creator, I’m an author. Applying the above theory to my fiction, I see another reason the relationships in Jolene, You’re Not a Monster work and help elevate the thrilling action into a complex story that makes us cheer, care and cry for Jolene and Reese. I hope if ever Jolene is adapted for the screen the actors will get along enough that it carries over, because we the audience can tell.

Okay, I’m done being philosophical. Please go vote for which of the listed shows you think are the best shows ever.

Bye Bye #Castle

Castle has been canceled and won’t be back. No more Castle, (Nathan Fillion),


no more Beckett (Stana Katic),



no more Martha (Susan Sullivan),





or Alexis (Molly C. Quinn),


Esposido (Jon Huertas), Ryan (Seamus Dever)



Laney (Tamala Jones)






or Hayley (Toks Olagundoye)

Who has been a great add this season. I will be looking for more things she’s in.




But, I’m sad when any show I’ve greatly enjoyed most of the time and shared with my family and friends goes away. It’s worse than when a friend moves away or a writer says, “That’s it, no more books in this series.” Frequently, the author changes his mind, but a TV show, once its gone, its not coming back. (I’m still hoping that Joss Whedon will bring Firefly back)


What’s Reynolds and the crew up to ten years later? I know they tried to wrap it up with the Serenity movie, but that just made me want more! What’s up in this universe, now?

Still, I’ll watch anything with Nathan Fillion in it. Hell, Dr. Horrible is one of my favorite musicals of all time.


Well, I hope that I’ll see the show’s fine actors in other favorite shows/movies.

Bye Castle, thanks for the memories! (and the reruns.)




Pronoun Publishing VS Createspace/Kindle

pronoun vs kindle

Pronoun was announced to National Novel Writing Month winners last November. It is a free distribution hub to Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple and Google Play. It’s easy to set up your book with them, much easier than Createspace/Kindle, but Pronoun is only for eformat. If you want to see your book in hard copy you still have to go through a place like Createspace, but you can’t submit to Kindle again.

So, I published my book Jolene, You’re Not a Monster through Pronoun on Dec. 18, 2015 and I’ve almost completed the proofing process for Createspace with the same title. The Createspace template is glitchy, but with patience and perseverance I got through it. Pronoun was so much easier. It’s got a web based app that will convert your word file to mobi and epub. It was not a hassle like Createspace’s template, but there’s things that Createspace/Kindle has that I can’t get from Pronoun and I’m afraid I missed out on something very important.

Kindle Direct Publishing Select. When you agree to publish with KDP Select, you can’t publish your novel in eformat anywhere else. Your book will then be available through the lending library and Kindle Unlimited, and you’ll receive a royalties based on readership from the global With KDP Select you can sign up for countdown deals and free book promotions. Pronoun does nothing to help you promote your book and ninety percent of my sales have come through Amazon Kindle.

I wish Createspace/Kindle would team up with a better programming team, like the ones used by Pronoun. Still, my next book, The Worms Crawl In, I’m doing through Createspace/Kindle, so I can get their promotions. If this works out and it generates more sales plus reviews on Jolene, I’ll do a follow up blog.

As of right now though, I’d recommend Createspace/Kindle first until Pronoun comes up with a way to help authors to promote their novels that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

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Created in a lab, Jolene’s never been on a date, ridden a bike or even had a friend her own age. Now, at twenty-one when a mission goes horribly wrong, she’s running from armies out to recapture or kill her. Plus, she’s gotten a soldier, who she cares for maybe too much, mixed up in her mess.

What readers are saying:

“I am excited this author integrated science fiction and humanity into a great story.”

“Basically, it’s a “how do you define ‘monster’ and ‘human’” theme. But how it’s done…wow! It’s the story of a girl created by the government and used for intelligence gathering. As you might expect, she was never really taught to be human, or ‘normal’…The story reminded me frequently of Stephen King’s Firestarter, with its innocent protagonist having to grow up hard and fast and wanting only to be left in peace and to love and be loved.”

“Part science adventure, part horror, part romance, all riveting — this creepy but masterful novel is full of wicked twists and turns, right up to the intense grand finale when Jey pulls out all the stops. Highly recommended!”

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